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04.03.2020 , 10:25 AM | #3
Even just seeing my GSF ship of choice in a cutscene or backdrop with its exact same customization would be pretty cool. I don't know about replacing Class ships though, since those are sizeable and the ones we use in GSF have enough room for person. As for customizing Class ships, I wouldn't mind seeing that at all, especially since the concept art for at least one of them (Defender) features an alternate paint job, and one more reflective of my Consular's style.

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They are "class" ships for a reason. But, on the same note wouldn't it be cool if you could get a ship in gsf exactly like your class ship?
It'd be just like Hero ships in Battlefront II, so I can see it being a thing. Not that I care; I'll just stick to my A-Wing. It'd have to be its own game mode though. For those who don't like the idea, they'll still have their regular TDM and Doms.