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the things is, what metrics indicate that the knockback on rocketpunch needs a change? what metrics say that the CGC dot for Mercs should have its slow reduced to 30%?
BW's ingame collected stats show that Merc dps does more damage than other dps classes. That is the dominant factor that has driven 12 months of nerfs to the subclass. And throughout that process, the more BW nerfs Merc dps, the better Merc dps ingame collected stats look. Which is why the nerfs keep coming.

What Bioware does not comprehend is that player migration causes a inverse relationship between buffs and class performance. The more a class is buffed, the more new players/rerolls surge towards that class. The influx of undergeared, inexperienced players lowers that classes meta average productivity - which is what BW measures. Conversely, when a class is nerfed, the people who leave that class are the worst players using that class - as they are the ones who now find the class non-viable. The ones who remain are the best geared, most skilled players. Thus the meta average productivity for a nerfed class actually RISES.

We have seen this phenomenon in action multiple times. The 1.1 nerfs to Operative dps followed by BW's need to nerf them again in 1.2 is a prime example. In more recent times, the surge in Mara/Sent dps toward the Focus/Rage spec actually lowered that spec's meta average productivity. Which lead BW to buff them further. Conversely, as Mara/Sent players fled the Anni/Watchmen spec, those left were the higher productivity players. Which lead BW to nerf them, despite the widespread knowledge amongst the player base that they were the weakest Mara/Sent spec.

The bottom line is that player migration renders BW's ingame stat collection irrelevant. The ingame stat collection code should be removed and the server CPU cycles saved should be used to improve server performance.