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Yeah I just don't know. Can we really blame metrics for the change to stockstrike/rocket punch? I just don't know anymore.
The only people responsible for any blame is Bioware and its team of Developers. The blame falls 100% on them for relying on some stupid chart to decide how pvp is working.

To balance pvp once and for all it will require the team of Developers at Bioware to actually sit down and play pvp amongst us. By us I mean the players on the servers. They need to get in there and mix it up with us to get a true taste of what pvp is like for mercs/commandos. They need to stop pvping amongst themselves and actually try to grind up a toon from the start to see just what kind of a headache it is to be a merc/commando.

For those of us who have one of either of these advanced classes we all can agree it is ******. We can do amazing damage if left alone but 99% of the time any melee locks onto us we are dead. We can run around for a bit but once the medpacks have been used and determination has been used we're dead men/women walking.

We can complain all day and all night long on these forums but they wont listen. There is a reason this thread is so long and so full of users posting and so few developer posts. 1.6 isn't going to change anything for our advanced class. Melee will still rule pvp and sorcs will still be able to wreck our **** with the madness hybrid spec.

1.6 is just going to weed out the ******* and the wannabe ****** mercs/commandos. Leaving only the diehard and totally committed players playing this class.