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So a question for those of you who have played the game enough to romance a companion character at least once. What romance relationship, either male or female, do you players find the most compelling and well...awesome? One of the reasons I love Bioware RPG's is because of some of the great romances that I feel really make the overall storyline of the game much more compelling and interesting--say, for example, the Revan/Bastila romance storyline in KOTOR 1, or the Shepard/Ashley romance in ME1, which I also thought was very well done.

What are your guys' favorite romance relationships in this game so far? I was watching vids of the Sith Warrior's romances with Dark sided Jaese and light sighted Vette and, no offense to any Jaese or Vette lovers, couldn't stop laughing. Vette is voiced so cheesily at times and I find it hard to imagine her in a "romantic" relationship with a Sith Lord, even if he has a heart of gold. On top of that, I think that any dark-side romance is usually terrible..dark sided sith are just far too angry all the time to be involved in anything as 'peaceful' or even emotionally fulfilling as love.

So, what are your favorite love interest stories in this game so far, on both male and female?