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TYVM! This is so much clearer.

While these are all you could craft, there was a discussion on the other thread of the ones that are more desirable to R/E to purple and/or craft.

Are there still about a half dozen that will show up in the recommended list of any class? But with the 2.0 crit & alac changes I suspect that has changed?
For Tanks:
I've been running some numbers for Tanks, and the absolute best enhancements in game are Advanced Immunity Enhancement 28 (for Jugg/Assassin) and Advanced Sturdiness Enhancement 28 (for Jugg/Powertech). This is because there are not 30 or 31 variants of these, and they give the most secondary stats.

For DPS/Healers:
Acute and Initiative for Accuracy Enhancements, Insight and Quick Savant for Alacrity Enhancements, Battle and Adept for Surge Enhancements. There are 30 and 31 versions, but crafting the 28s is a decent upgrade from Dread Guard (especially if you're gearing alts or companions), and the market has been pretty decent so far for all of them.

Many of my guildies are running 5 Adept Enhancements, 1 Quick Savant Enhancement, and 1 Battle Enhancement or 2 Initiative Enhancements, 4 Adept Enhancements, and 2 Battle Enhancements.
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