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03.22.2018 , 03:16 PM | #30
So from what I'm getting the abysmally low repeatable coints remain? 71 WZ/GSF is still too high, for someone that has max SH bonus. Think about the new players you may hope to get in still. 177 matches & wait times in 6 days and likely the only thing they can do. Lets assume they need 30 mins to queue wait and play a match, that's 15 hours a day (leaves 9 hours to eat and sleep, but no time for work/school). Even if you assume instant pops it's a full time job, more or less.

Will have to see how GSF & WZ weeks will look. But overall I doubt this will fix anything.

Personal UI will need a lot more adjusting than you seem to think it does as well.

Planet requirements feel a step in the right direction.