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Glad to hear I wasn't making a complete fool of myself.
On the second part, I could be wrong. I think that you pick up each class's hero skill at level 15 and can use that skill with your other characters when the origin class completes their class story.
You have this half correct. You get the "base" Heroic Moment ability when your character reaches level 15. However, you do not get the "Legacy Heroic Abilitity" for your class until you complete Chapter 3 of the Class Story. IOW, your Smuggler will get the Heroic Moment ability at level 15, but until you complete Chapter 3 of the Smuggler Story,, you will not have the "Legacy Dirty Kick" ability on your Temporary Ability Bar for any of your characters when using Heroic Moment, not even your Smuggler.

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I use it a lot as a solo player, and I can go through all 8 twice before cool down and reset.
I suspect that is because, in addition to unlocking all the Legacy Heroic Abilities, you have also unlocked all the "companion" HM bonuses.

If you have not completed the Class Story on any characters, you will have no Temporary Ability Bar while the Heroic Moment ability is in effect. You will just have the Heroic Moment icon in your Buff Bar, and get the periodic heals until the ability's timer runs out. OTOH, once you unlock that Legacy ability, all characters in your Legacy will have it in their Temporary Ability Bar when they use Heroic Moment, even if they haven't yet unlocked the Legacy ability for their own class.

And the "companion" bonuses are for completing all conversations & missions for one companion of each of the five companion "roles": Melee Damage, Ranged Damage, Melee Tank, Ranged Tank, and Healer. If you hit Y and click on Republic Classes or Imperial Classes, you will see the original story companions are still given these designations in the descriptions for their unlocks. For each one you unlock, the HM duration is increased by 12 seconds, and the cooldown is reduced by 1 minute. So duration gets doubled to two minutes, and cooldown cut in half to 5 minutes when fully unlocked..
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