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06.14.2019 , 07:03 PM | #18
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The lack of dev response is getting very frustrating as this is during 2x xp AND first rollout of a new event. At this point it would be nice to have an extension of double xp so we can actually take advantage of it if and when they fix the lag.
It took two days and a bunch of threads and twitter posts to get them to respond. Even the most loyal players have a hard time justifying that.
I too would like an extension of double XP and run the Dantoonine event again sooner than planned,

I don’t mind beta testing new features to see if we can break them. I just resent it being implemented during double points weeks or new content. (which seems to be the norm)
I don’t see why the conquest and strong hold hook changes couldn’t have been made after the Dantooine event and double points week.

I also don’t like that they are silent about it for so long. I get they were trying to do back end fixes. But how about letting us know sooner instead of waiting 2 -3 days to get back to us.

We’ve still had no response to the guild bank problems or the strong hold resource decorations not resetting after use.