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06.14.2019 , 04:55 AM | #15
It's getting extremely difficult. You can even search my forum history and see that I always defend bioware and have even been called a bioware white knight for years. I didn't complain about rng boxes for example .

But... this is getting really frustrating. Its double xp and I can only level easily in wz/gsf atm as rest of game is super laggy on SF since last maintenance. It's not my internet I ran speedtest it's good. It's not my ping I have 4 bars consistent. But since last update 2 days ago game is basically unplayable on any planet.

The lack of dev response is getting very frustrating as this is during 2x xp AND first rollout of a new event. At this point it would be nice to have an extension of double xp so we can actually take advantage of it if and when they fix the lag.
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