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09.25.2019 , 03:53 PM | #7
Also, a way to shut down cheating all together is to disincentivize the reasson why they are cheating. Which is the reward itself, make it so that people feel they no longer have to cheat because the reward is more attainable. Lets be honest, this games ranked population is small and ver small compared to some of the other competetive games out there like Fortnite, WoW or League of legends so many people who try to q ranked are usually facing the same people anyway. Therefore the reward in itself does not have an appropiate representation of skill but rarity. Make the rewards less rare and it will shut down cheating all together.

Not only that, the general pvper community will be more inclined to q ranked if they beleive the reward is worthwhile. By making the rewards more accessible it creates greater incentive to even partake in ranked and deal with the toxicity that comes with it. Bigger population results in less chances to manipulate matchmaking, a better and more sufficient elo system ( due to more bodies in the q), and less players complaining about low skilled players being on their team because they will have their own bracket to play against one another.

We as a community are attacking this from the wrong angle, we need to focus on getting more people into ranked instead of stopping cheating because cheating is inevitable. One way of doing so is by altering and changing the distribution of rewards.