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The Dawn Enclave

Within the empire there are always those who don't fit in. Sith who lean a little too much towards the light side. Escaped slaves. Deserters. There are plenty of citizens of the empire who are fated to become nothing more than a casualty among Sith politics. The Dawn Enclave seeks these people out, gives them protection, and they work together to try to reform the empire from within. Of course, any organization acting openly to these ends would be destroyed in an instant, so members of the Enclave maintain cover identities within the empire. Some as sith lords or military leaders, positions of power that allows them to easily relocate or assign new recruits to be beneath them. Other with the dangerous jobs of monitoring empire intelligence, learning of possible new recruits to move in before the empire eliminates them, as well as keeping the Enclave off the empire's radar. Led by the Twilight Champion the the Shining Wardens, they seek to build a better empire from within while protecting those who are vulnerable.

The RP is optional for those who just want a casual guild to hang out in and make friends. We're brand new so don't have that many members outside founders, a couple friends and a lot of alts being used to farm ship plans, but once we build up the members we plan to run flashpoints, ops, and are already doing conquests for the sake of getting those mentioned ship plans.

Currently have a fully unlocked Alderaan stronghold, a bit empty now but as we raise more money and craft prefabs will start decorating it. But, what better background than the constant bickering of politics of Alderaan to establish our base of power, and remain easily hidden. As far as anyone is concerned we're just a minor house with no real political power. Hardly worth paying attention to.

And a basic Capital Ship called the Daybreaker. Nothing special here yet, as with so few of us we haven't generated enough ship plans to expand any parts of the ship yet. We're working on it, and as we get more people to sign up it'll go a lot faster as we have more characters to claim that weekly reward, and those who can craft dark projects.

Have also created a guild discord for the purpose of having voice chat once we run things and a place to post character backstories and record guild story events.

We're still a baby guild now, but looking to recruit new characters of all classes. You're not required to be light sided to be in the guild, even if you participate in the RP. Even dark sided characters might have aspects of the empire they wish to see changed and see the Enclave as a means to an end.

If you're interested, give me a poke here, or in game you can usually find me logged in as Leon Sidhe in the evenings.
Zeelo Mikari and Kahla'dun are mods who can also be contacted to be added. And pretty much everyone has invite power so the couple other members (or the tons of alts we're using for ship parts) can add you if you see them on.

Usually on in late evenings EST, but if you can't find any of us give me a poke here and we'll work out a time I can get on and invite you in.