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You may already know this, but don't go right under their nose. Even though you are in stealth you've got to give them some room.

Or... your game is messed up
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Maybe you are sprinting and have disjunction(legendary utility) skilled? Which slows targets around you when you sprint and therefore pulls you into combat?
I do sometimes attempt to sprint through mobs but I do that because hanging around drags me in to combat. This is not that. If I explain. My first character back when the game launched was a Sin. With the changes to the game and my moving server I decided recently to create a new one after 5.0 was released. Back in 2011 you could walk through mobs and so long as you didn't hang around, you would remained stealthed. Force cloak was a guaranteed combat breaker so long as you weren't suffering a DOT affect.

All that seems to have changed with Stealth being no were near as effective as it was and Force Cloak no longer being a guarantee and what I'm wondering is is this due to changes in the class over the years or am I suffering a game bug? To put it in perspective, my Sent/Maras Force Cloak is more effective at sneaking through mobs than Stealth is right now. Basically, what I'm asking is, do other people suffer the same problems so that I know if it's likely a bug and can therefore report it as such?