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Alright so your in agreement then? Also that wasn't Vader saying anything. Not every quote needs to say he is the most powerful Sith ever, those that do are good enough.
that would be a yes... im in absolute agreement... and revan vs sidious? thats ammusing, and to be honest revan is my fav sith lord, but unlike revan fan boys, i know the limts of his power. he stands zero chance against sidious... he's not even in the top 3 as far as most powerful sith lords... probably not even top 5... i would say at least top 10 though... maybe around 9 or 10.

whats the most annoying is i bought kotor the day it came out... and i liked revan the moment i saw him 10 yrs ago. when i started liking him, it wasnt cool to like revan. no one had even heard of him, he was underground. so naturally i started using revan in my screen names. then like 3 years later revan is completely mainstream with a cult following of fan boys completely over emphasizing his power. even though i have no disillusion of revans power, i cant go into any room, with my normal screen names, and not be grouped in with those kids... or be immediately called a revanite... its soooo annoying