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assassin/shadows have a knockdown stun, and certain grenades will knock you down

not really a "nerf operative" thread. more like a "fix rubberbanding and animation delay" thread
Since the get-up time from knock-downs has always been there (I think), I would hazard a guess that it is "working as intended". Sorry for the less than optimal response, but you would be "balancing" things that wouldn't need "balancing" (without mentioning these things). I was merely trying to check if you had actually thought through your request.

The solutions would therefore be:
1) Make people stand-up instantly and buff Operatives to compensate for the change (everyone else is nerfed, Operatives stay the same).
2) People stand-up at the same rate and everything except Operatives would get a nerf.

I gather you want solution 1) (from your qualms about being able to stand-up), but it seems as if solution 2) would be easier. I say this because the stand-up time (as far as I am aware) is static, whereas each ability knocks-down for a different duration. This way we can alter the knock-downs (if necessary) on a case-by-case basis.

On that note, you haven't actually given any evidence that changes to certain abilities are even required (if this isn't just a bug that I think is intended).

One last thing:
Fix rubberbanding.