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12.31.2017 , 06:55 PM | #40
I was thinking about this the other day... and I had a notion.

Rather than make the your Form, Charge (etc) an ability you can select... meaning Lightning vs. Dark for Assassins, or Ion vs. Plasma for Vanguards, etc... make your form match your gear. Like... if you are a Vanguard, as a DPS you probably want a Focus. Maybe you like being a bit tankier, so you carry a Shield as well. I'm proposing that if you equip a Shield your abilities which are "Tank" abilities function as Tank abilities (they are taunts, they generate threat, the protect allies, etc). If you equip a Generator, your "Tank" abilities function as DPS abilities (they are threat drops, aggro transfers).

So, for example... if you have a Focus or Generator equipped, your Guard would transfer a portion of your generated Threat to the Guarded target, and transfer 2% of the damage they take to you (you help them perform their tanking function). And, your single target and mass target Taunts become aggro dumps. In PvP, only damage would be transfered.

Meanwhile, if you have a Shield equipped, Guard reduces the guarded alie's threat generation, and reduces the damage they take. Your Taunt, single and mass, taunt targets.

Obviously, I'd still want a spec that's specialized for DPS to want to use a Focus/Generator and do more Damage... and of course, a Tank should use a Shield and generate more Threat and have more Durability. I'd also like for the tool tips to be reflective of your actual spec (or in this case, what your equipped gear is). Previously, because I only skimmed my Mass Taunt (as a DPS Assassin) I assumed it was a Mass Taunt (because that's how the ability reads, at a glance).