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11.26.2017 , 03:59 PM | #39
Just a followup....

Reading Mass Mind Control, specifically on my Hatred Assassin... the first two sentences are all about how this ability is a Taunt. long as you're using Dark Charge.

Third line down, it does say it's a threat drop... in Lightning Charge. Last line, it mentions the PvP utility (which again, is a Taunt, because it reduces enemy DPS unless they attack the Assassin; this appears to be independent of Charge).

So.... I would definitely say there's a problem here.

1) There's a tool-tip fail, in that the functionality of this ability is described as being a Taunt. Of course, the fine print tells me it isn't... but would it be so terribly difficult to have Spec Specific tool tips?
2) I like the idea of running this character as a hybrid. Having the ability to choose between Lightning and Dark charge would let me tailor my play to better match my situation.

...I'm all for the 2nd option; let players play how they want to play... although, I understand some people would prefer option 1; continue to remove hybrid play style and continue to homogenize the game play experience.