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Quote: Originally Posted by LordFell View Post, of course, I need to go and reread my abilities.
Always, always, always an excellent idea. Read your ability descriptions BEFORE you need to know how they work.

Case in point; Reyelria'kinth, my first Lightning Sorc, arrived at the entrance to Black Talon at level 16, some time before 4.0 came out (and possibly before 3.0, I don't remember exactly when this was). For complicated and totally invalid reasons she is still somewhere on Balmorra, waiting to jump in a vault full of toxic waste through possibly the only horizontal phase wall in the game...

There was a group of three lowbies hoping to find someone to make them four, and they found me. Off we went. Me at level 16 and them at levels 14, 12, and 10. I think it was a Mara, a Jugg, and a BH of some sort, in no particular order.

Anyway, on my way, I hadn't had the opportunity to gather enough comms to get a full set of decent mods on the fleet, so I had a mix of junk and worse for gear, but evidently so did they, because I noticed a tendency for mobs to run or gun for me, but they were all dying pretty quick, so it was hard to be sure.

Then we triggered the bonus boss, and he tunnelled *me*. And had I read my ability descriptions? Of course NOT. So in the middle of a fight with a bonus boss, with junk gear and my health in freefall, I mostly stopped fighting so I could read my tooltips and ... oh, there's a bubble that will protect me, castcastcast, and ... oh, there's a heal spell, castcastcast ... goodness, that feels better, fightfightfighthealfight killed it.

Not doing that again, thanks.
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