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Of course, for me, I'm looking at this from a PvE perspective.

I've got a "hybrid tank" that I enjoy. I know I'm not going to main-tank an Ops boss, or even a Master flashpoint. For me and a companion, or to perform certain functions in raids, it has its place.

The specific instance of using this character I'm thinking of, was when I was involved in a group hunting World Bosses. One of them summons adds at regular intervals. My job was to DPS the boss... but when the adds dropped, I mass taunted them, popped my defensive cooldowns, and tanked the adds until DPS could AOE them down... and then I went back to DPS on the boss.

I'd really like to be able to choose my own stance, and I've also posted a thread about it here. When I'm DPS on the boss, I'd use Lightning Charge (which is default for Hatred Assassins) but when I needed to take on Tanking duties, I'd switch to Dark Charge (which is the Assassin's tanking mode).
Forgive me for this but in PvE I do not miss people being able to choose spec. It a nice not having a vigi guardian attempt to convince me they're a tank because they swapped stance to soresu. Or defense guardians saying they're dps because they swapped to shii-cho. Swtor simply doesn't work that way. I maintain 3 gear sets on all my guardians, a dps set, a tank set, and a skank set strictly for PvP tanking. For tanking I'm defense spec, for dps spec I'm vigi.