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I do have one major complaint, though: with regards to targeting telemetry, please don't encourage people to use objectively bad components. I had a mathy thread about this a while ago, but the tl;dr is that +25% surge +15% accuracy +10% crit just flat out does not ever compare to +33% rate of fire +10% damage.
Your math is only true when you can hold the trigger on your opponent for several seconds, which is rarely the case in fast paced dogfights (except against Bombers, Gunships and when you're sneaking up behind someone).

Targeting Telemetry excels in situations where you have only a few opportunities and short windows to land some hits or fire off a missile, since it has a short CD and can be used more regular and also affects secondary weaponry.

Both are good. In different situations!

Back to topic:

I haven't read the whole guide, but at first sight it looks more like a personal build suggestion than a guide to me, but not everything that works great for you, does work great for others.
People need to figure out themselves what works good for them and for this reason, you should also cover other components if you want to write a real guide.