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03.17.2015 , 03:19 AM | #16
Hey everyone and especially to camel. I made the switch to engineering from mm about a month ago and i really love.

Your guide helped me a ton and the work you've put into all this is really appreciated.

Anyway just wanted your opinion on my current stats/gear: i have full optimized 192 6 setpiece with 2 revanite implants and 1 revanite relic. (hoping to get the bulo hm head tonight). Also have some 198 enhancement from the mk-2 drops on hm.
  • So accuracy: 99,89 or 745
  • Crit:: 319
  • Surge: 351
  • Alacrity: 111[
Not sure if this is important but: endurance: 4330/ Cunning: 4351/power=1712

So if anyone could take a look at this, and suggest changes or smth that would be great. Ofcourse if it's already perfect that's fine too

Anyway first time posting on the forums; thanks again for the guide.