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I've made the same mistake. I kept hearing about this dot and worrying about it all the time, and then people just start getting one shot. As a healer I didnt really have him targetted that often because i was busy targetting teammates to heal (and looking at health bars). You'd think my 3 group mates might have noticed the enrage and said something, but I was convinced I was screwing up as a healer. After the 4th failure I asked if he was enraging, and on the 5th fail, my suspicions were confirmed.

The enrage is just a hard wall on this encounter. if you go in with subpar dps in your group, expect disappointment. We had some juggernaut who had just converted from tank to dps spec, his gear was terrible, and he didn't know what he was doing so we paid the price.
as i stated above, as a healer i try and pump out as much DPS as i can at at the beginning of the fight when there are no turrets and HK is doing less damage to help avoid the enrage timer.

also MAKE SURE your DPS and yourself are not standing behind the tank as HK has a frontal cone attack. and also MAKE SURE you and your DPS are paying attention to the ground affects of the missles and moving.

then when he disappears group together, AoE heal and AoE DPS when he reappears and you should be fine.

if you do all these things and still die, your DPS are not on the level and need to gear up a bit.