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Gonna suddenly sound pretty great after they hear the Sith pitch.

OT/PT/GCW-era Sith and Jedi were both **** It sucks because even Darth "I'm the bad guy" Malak is more character.

"Hey you! Force sensitive! You get to choose between following petty old men who are both terrible people -----Mace and Yoda-----in the Jedi Order, or Edge Personified-----Maul and Sideous in the Sith!"

"What's that? You don't want to follow two dogmatic orders that are shadows of what they were in 3640 BBY? You want to put your talents serving the Empire or Rebellion? What's that? You want to fight alongside Thrawn or Ackbar? Well I got something better than that! Instead you have the option to be a jobber for Gallius Rax or that OC Wedge Antilles.

....I forgot what I was ranting about. ...Oh right the PT/OT factions being terrible. Yup.

Anyways, Dark, Light, who cares?! Let's make Zakuul Great Again!