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07.13.2015 , 06:26 PM | #6
I have never been satisfied with the 6piece. Reasons:

3 extra stacks
These extra stacks are only useful against bosses with a high number of hits per second. This means it's only good for some of the current tier bosses and is nigh useless for the previous tier. This problem becomes even more relevant in 4.0 when all the old ops will be boosted to lvl 65 and drop the same tier of loot.

3 second duration increase
The increased duration is only useful to certain people based purely on playstyle:
  • Low skill level assassins: People who usually refresh Dark Ward too late anyway get an extra 3 seconds to compensate for their negligence. Good for them.
  • High skill level assassins: People who watch their buff bar like a hawk to only refresh Dark Ward right when it is about to fall off get a potential extra 3 seconds of Dark Bulwark, assuming that the stacks aren't depleting before the time is up. Icing on the cake for good players.

This leaves the group of mid skill level assassins who just refresh Dark Ward on cooldown. They get nothing from this duration increase.

I want to contrast this with the 6 piece of the other two tanking classes which improves their main defensive cooldowns in a way that is always useful regardless of playstyle/varying skill level. The 2 piece and 4 piece bonuses are almost perfect mirrors, but when it comes to the 6 piece, Assassins clearly get the short end of the stick.

My suggestion:
Change the 6 piece so that it augments an existing defensive utility. Maybe a duration increase on Deflection? A boost to the healing procs during Overcharge Saber? Or maybe an increased duration or Shield Chance for the Recklessness buff?