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07.13.2015 , 06:06 PM | #5
The two piece set bonus I feel is fine.

The four piece one I'm indifferent to. It helps very slightly on some fights but generally doesn't feel like something that's incredibly needed. With the exception of the first 30 seconds of the fight I'll never use my taunts generally unless there's a swap mechanic or an aggro dump, but the fights are designed already where the standard cooldown for my taunts is plenty of time for me.

The six piece I'm not a fan of. The increased duration and charges really just means that's 3 extra seconds that I don't have to refresh Dark/Kinetic Ward. I'd much prefer something that benefited defensive cooldowns, like decreasing Deflection's cooldown or giving a straight boost to some other skill. Or a critical hit chance. Or maybe making the next Wither/Slow Time do double the threat or some other utility for the fight.

The four piece and six piece could stand to be changed. At the minimum six piece. While some people may like it (and I'm sure it has very practical purpose) I'm just not a fan of it.