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The Agent story seems to have the most variety. It is the only class I have fully enjoyed playing multiple times.
I really loved playing a dark Jedi. She wasn't evil, just very pragmatic and a "realist".

But... yes, thinking about it, I enjoyed the Imperial class stories better.

The voice acting on the Consular just seems flat to me. She doesn't sound like she cares about anything.
The Smuggler has great voice acting and the story is good, but it didn't seem as detailed or involved as other stories. The pacing was a bit slow.
The Trooper's story was predictable. Classic but not gripping.

One thing that might help -- I play with my husband and I've noticed that the dialog can be quite different, depending on your character's gender. If you're not enjoying a class story, switch genders and see if you like it better.
I find fem-consular has more life in her voice when she's played dark or grey. I loved her fake imperial accent on nar shaddaa. She's really only monotone when you play her too straight laced
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