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07.20.2018 , 05:14 PM | #22
Many people seem to think that Jedi are always good and Sith are always bad. I think it is more complicated than that. In this game if someone is born in the Republic and are force sensitive, your only option is the Jedi Academy. If someone is Imperial and force sensitive, then they are required to go to the Sith Academy. This is true regardless of natural inclination and any environmental factors that individual may deal with. As a result, people at both academies are potentially going to fall along a continuum.

That said, the Sith code does encourage selfishness and a lack of restraint. As a result, most Sith will be selfish, self-involved and, in some cases, outright evil. But it is important to allow for the exception. I like playing the exception.

The Jedi code encourages service to others and restraint, but it is not perfect. Many Jedi are going to self-righteous and inflexible, but not all of them. My biggest objection to the way they handle Jedi in the game is that almost all of them seem that way (at least to me). I would love to play a Jedi that was a good person without coming across as self-righteous and irritating.