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I dont think they did a bad job with the rep stories, but rather getting to play a bad guy is a lot less used idea and has more first-time appeal because of it. Also playing light bad guy makes you feel morally superior.

The Jedi mythology and mindset are a niche thing, they're not actually action-heroes like movies make them out to be... This is especially nicely described in Consular story which is very largely a diplomatic story rather than a heroic or actionful story, diplomacy is not mainstream topic and a lot of videogame players just want their action hero experience, which Consular is not going to deliver, and neither is smuggler.
Knight get a lot more action and "movie jedi things".

Smugglers are basically just spacers, making a living in the galaxy. They're not decorated officers, they're not superhumans with magic powers, they're not aggressive glory seekers... They're basically civilians, doing civilian things. Again, not an action packed story. Smugg is basically a series of events a random spacer bumped into, and that's really all there is! If you're looking to be a hero you're not gonna find that from smugs. If you just wan't a story about random civvie who got in some crazy ride by a mere chance, smug is for you.

Troopers I guess are forever "on the payroll" types. Like most soldiers in a war would't find mad crazy adventures outside of their unit, Trooper doesn't either. They work for the Reps and do what they tell him. Not too many people are into getting told what to do in their fictional world, so it's again a niche story.
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