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12.15.2011 , 11:48 AM | #1
Hey guys!

So, I went through a talent tree today, trying to plan out my leveling 1-50. As I go through the tree, I catch myself thinking "well geez, I need to put points somewhere just so I can get to the next level...I guess I'll put them here," but I feel like really they're just being wasted.

Here's my plan:
1-5: These go into Tele, obviously. link
6-28: This is actually easy for me as well, as I think the "normal" build looks like this
This is where it gets tough for me. I have 2 points to allocate, and none of my options seem all that great. I end up using them somewhere that I don't really want to, just to jump to the next level.
29-36: Once I finally decide where to put my points, I flesh out the tree, and it looks like this, with 5 points left

I put 2 points into Balance, 2 more into Tele, and now I have 1 point just floating around. What to do with this last point? link

What do you guys think? What are your thought processes?