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What you need to do, is stop playing SWTOR.

Pick up Minecraft. Brings in all, and I mean ALL, the ladies.

Find out her cell number, and text her telling her to get on Minecraft. She will get on. (When you text her, do not give her your name. This is crucial!)

Tell her you can make a theme park in Minecraft, and that she should check it out. (They love, and I mean LOVE theme parks.)

She'll be interested in you now. Don't tell her your name yet.

Text again, tell her to get on Runescape.
Show her your level 138 Range/Melee hybrid.

PK her character on Runescape, and then loot everything she has.

She may be mad at you for a while, but text her saying hi every now and then over a few weeks, and she'll begin to be interested again. At this point, she doesn't want another heartbreak, so she'll really try to make it work.

This is the good stage. Tell her your name.

Then, tell her you also play a game called "SWTOR". Tell her that she should play it too.

She will buy the game, wanting to make things work.

ArrPee with her.


You're in.
Nah that's too much. Text that B***** a smiley face. B****s love smiley faces.
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