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Well then, why are you posting in it Steve? You're only bumping it when you could be raining on everyone's suggestions. Thanks for keeping the thread alive, by the way.

Was that really necessary?

Strawman. I never complained about women. My problem is with anything that acknowledges the existence of Disney Star Wars in the EU, especially the sequels.

Esh-ka are an equine species, not bovine, and neither them nor nekghouls are stupid, unlike the crap Disney has introduced.

It's more than just the sequels, but those are the references that have been being made in the game, and that pisses me off that that bantha poodoo even gets an acknowledgement of existence.

Filoni is not flawless. He did Rebels and that introduced corrupted EU elements. He probably didn't have total say in those decisions, but that stuff is there, and it set up threads that have to be followed through, and they are, and that continues the corruption. Mandalorian is visually impressive, but because it has to follow these threads to the end, it's limited in the directions the story can take.
  • Bad Batch? That's just a ripoff of the Republic Commandos. The Commandos were at least realistic. The Bad Batch is so ridiculously OP. They're going to have to tone them down to make the audience believe they're in any real peril.
  • Thrawn is a watered-down version of his former EU b-a-d-a-s-s self. What? I can't say ******?
  • Cassian Andor? Another forgettable character created by Disney from a lackluster standalone.
  • Ahsoka? I just don't care what happens to her since Clone Wars ended because Rebels is not a worthy successor.
  • I don't see how Obi-Wan can have his own series when he's stuck on Tatooine, watching over Luke. It's a whole planet, but Tatooine is sparsely populated compared to other worlds. Maybe they could make a short, single season story but nothing of significant length. This is an American production though. They can't resist marching a horse to death, beating it, resurrecting it, then beating it to death, and then continue to beat it after it's undead dead.
  • High Republic? That's just Disney's attempt at recreating the success of the KotOR era. They already screwed themselves over in the development phase. I look forward to its utter failure.
  • Book of Boba Fett? This came as a surprise. We shall see how it turns out. Still, it has to follow threads already established. It may have a bit more freedom, but they will still have to acknowledge them in the background.
  • Acolyte? Sounds like it's about an inquisitor, another EU element they corrupted.

I'd take the Vong storyline over anything Disney has done.
Opinions, opinions, and more opinions.

Anyways, my two cents on this whole matter.

If you don't want this game to join the Disney canon, and don't want elements exclusive to that canon to be added to this game, that's fine.

The issue I personally have is that you seem to want the devs to ACTIVELY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to avoid any kind of reference to the Disney verse, solely out of personal dislike.

And the way I see it, that ultimately seems to be basically asking the devs to actively stifle their own creativity. An actively bad attitude to have in any kind of art or writing environment.

To me, this is like saying that because the Twilight Saga featured a human-vampire romance, any kind of vampire story written in the future should never feature a human-vampire romance, because that would be a reference to the Twilight saga.

I'm fine with people hating on the Disney canon. What I'm NOT fine with with discouraging creativity, for ANY reason.