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Thanks to your explanation I think I'm starting to understand the issue. Will there still be a problem even if players have 306 best in slot gear? I don't grind for gear because I don't play the hardest content in the game. However, I also don't want to run around in garbage gear. For my favorite toons I aim for somewhere in the middle but I don't know what that is anymore since 6.0 dropped.
The other stats (Alacrity/Accuracy/Crit for DPS/Heal, Shield/Defense/Absorb for tank) are not clipped, and nor are the effects of set bonuses and so on, so as you crank up the gear ladder from 268 to 306, you'll see *some* improvement.

It may still be a problem, because the clipping of EMPH directly reduces damage output (Mastery and Power both affect base damage) and your health, and therefore your survivability. The clipped values are also significantly below what a "true" level 70 in, say, 252 would have.

Overall, "older" FPs and Ops are, relatively speaking, a bit of a mess, although on the "total mess" scale, they are still short of Grade 11 (level 600+) crafting. That said, I'm firmly of the opinion that regardless of the difficulties of balancing the older content against level 75 BiS characters, they should not have clipped it all down to level 70 with such low EMPH clip levels, and possibly not at all.
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