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I particularly like that this forum is a classic forum. The Swtor Reddit is horrible for me. I refuse to even sign up on Reddit. And the voting option only causes complications and bad feelings. Imagine certain people here being allowed to downvote posts. Better not.

It's not so difficult to find out which forumers are helpful, which are neutral, which are haters, which are whiteknights, which are trolls etc. Especially nowadays with just a handful of active posters left. Which is imho the main reason why nothing much is happening anymore. Reflection of the situation in the game. Small amount of active players, compared to the past. Let's see what 6.0 does about it. Currently I don't have my hopes up.

Regarding the importance of topics: That can also be found out quite easily: Does the topic stay on page 1 and get more than just a handful replies? Then it's relevant. Overall, I prefer to judge and think about things for myself. I don't need a computer system to tell me what thread is good and what poster is hateful.

It should also be noted that if I want information regarding the game or how it should be played... I should be able to find that HERE ! (not relying one someone else to do the job so to speak).