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6 games today same person 25+ kills under 5 death's. Runners up were only 9 kills max.

Everyone was wondering how and nobody can reproduce the anomaly. What we did get from him/her was "im in a stock fighter".

But yeah I would block people like this just to get into more balanced matches. I just got to remember to unblock them.
First up that score is good, but still not amazing or anything. If you want to see how a player can accrue those kind of results you can simply head on over to my Youtube channel and check out the "solo queue" section.

Second how on earth do you guys think it's ok for you to block someone just because they play better then you do?

If you really did want this kind of feature it would have to be something like I posted above, where if the person that you blocked is playing you just aren't allowed to play.
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