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02.10.2015 , 02:00 AM | #4
The feedback I get from my guildmates on Operative/Scoundrel DPS let's me think this class is probably not in best shape right now. I don't hear too many complaints about damage being low, but quite often "it's not fun to play anymore". Our scoundrel healers are still happy with the class, though.

This probably means that (as stated above) Merc/Commando and Sage/Sorc will be your classes of choice for dps'ing. I would just like to add that both choices are absolutely valid for both PvE and PvP. Just if you are doing rated, I would probably also favor Sorc/Sage, in regular warzones and PvE bring whatever class you have more fun with.

From pure healing point of view all three healers are very balanced, in dps specc it seems that Operative/Scoundrel lost some of their appeal (but can still do ok damagewise).