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I agree, at least for the most part. If a Medium Narrow hook will completely vanish beneath the deco once placed and make it heard to pick up again, then it's reasonable to not allow it to be placed there. But all of those walls, even the biggest ones, seem to be able to be placed on a Medium hook with at least a little bit of the hook showing past the sides. So they should all be set to go on Medium hooks, as well as Medium Narrow hooks for those especially slim decos that don't cover the whole hook even if they're super long. This will make the walls actually USEFUL as opposed to another source of frustration. It would be great to be able to create corrals for animal mount decos, line walkways, subdivide current rooms, etc. through the use of wall decos.

Other similar decorations (such as the Zakuulan Tech Wall deco) should also be set to using Medium Narrow hooks whenever possible.
I will agree to the hook vanishing part, perhaps not all pieces are fit for medium narrow, but at least medium then. Since we donīt have free placement of objects like in ESO, it would at least be heavily appreciated if the pieces became useful for the hooks we do have. And limiting the big ones only to centerpieces or large will be a major loss of usefulness for the wall decorations.
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