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(Editing the beginning of this post as I finally caved and copied over a bunch of crafters and spent the whole bloody evening crafting so I could buy and test the new Martial decos. That being said, just because I caved and blew all those hours doesn't mean others should have to, and I'm sure you could get a lot more people testing these new decos out if you made them temporarily free to purchase on the PTS.)

But even having not actually been able to test them (though as per my above edit I should be able to hands-on test them soon), I can speak from experience that there are already far too many decos that are walls (or just long and rectangular) that fit only on Larges or Mediums when they could very easily fit on Mediums or Narrows without fully covering the hook... so please don't limit the new ones in this fashion! The Zakuulan Wall Tech Panel and countless Large-hook-only decos (that can never be placed against anything else because they're stuck in the middle of the dumb hook) attest to how frustrating and limiting this is.

If you really want us to get full and creative functionality out of these decos, for both PVP and otherwise, please have someone take the time to get in there and place each deco, and assess whether or not it could actually be assigned to a smaller hook. This really isn't all that much time, guys. Like... an hour? Two at most? Three when you tack on changing the item properties? And it would make an enormous amount of difference. Maybe I'm wrong on the time estimates but even if it's longer it's worth it. A wall decoration limited to a Large hook can not be placed against anything else, so you are stuck with... a standalone wall. You can't make a corner. Or a wall with a crate next to it. Or two walls at any sort of angle with each other. You're also immediately forcing people to leave a huge amount of unused space in the zone all around the deco on the Large hook.

While we're at it, most (though notably not all) of the problems like the above could be seriously mitigated by increasing the X/Y axes, as people have mentioned in this thread and in countless others. 20 degrees is absolutely not enough, and I strongly suspect that no one on the strongholds team actively decorates or this should have become glaringly obvious. (Sorry, yes, I'm a little salty, but we've been asking for this for ages and so many things about decos and strongholds have been needlessly frustrating for far too long now.) Any number of computer/technical/weapon-rack decos stuck on Large-hooks-only cannot be placed flush against walls or against anything else and this is more frustrating than I can properly articulate.
Giving a boost to your words because they are 100% true and correct, especially the last paragraph. Instead of -20 and 20 it should be at least -50 to 50 if not more. Perhaps it's the game engine that doesn't allow it, but if not, then I seriously recommend the range for hook placements is increased.
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