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An UI is personal but some examples can gives ideas so my sage (sorry )) UI :

there is a hidden bar with some spell that do not need to be tracked :

The spell and other information (cast, debuff...) gathered near my character.
I try to have a clean UI to visualize the events during the boss fight.

Hoping this can help you
Woah, that's a cool one! Very clean. I can see what Maxitrac was saying about stacking skills around the raid frame. Good stuff.

I was playing around with Vulkk's layouts yesterday and I "think" they might work across most of my characters

It'll require a bit of training, haha. And I'll have to figure out how to lay out my Sorc skills in place of his Operative ones on his healing layout. Still doesn't accommodate DPS skills very well when I need them, but maybe I can figure something out there.
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