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Hello all! This is going to be fairly open to interpretation, but I was wondering if there were any Sorc healers with kick-*** healing interfaces set up that they wouldn't mind showing me? Just screenshots are fine.

I've been looking around and I'm having a hard time finding one that's easy to use straight away, and allows for logical switching to a solo play-style when I'm not grouped. Obviously I'd want my numbered keybindings as healing skills for group content, but often I don't need to heal as much if I'm by myself, so in that case I'd want DPS skills in place of those.

To make you aware of the gravity of the situation, I've been playing like this since launch:

Generally I can keep up with most healers, but it's a lot of clicking indeed.

I'm thinking that maybe a 5-bar-visible interface with the option of the main bar switching to a secondary DPS-oriented skillgroup might be best, but I'd like to hear what works best for other people first. Bearing in mind I have a standard keyboard, with 3-4 spare buttons to bind on my mouse.

I thought this looked okay, but it's set up for Merc healing:

Also, if there's another thread on this exact topic for Game Update 5.10...feel free to direct me to that, haha

Thanks in advance!
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