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So I almost have my Op Healer, ready to enter some Group Finder SM groups. I'm pretty confident in everything that involves healing/. Just looking for some tips/suggestions from Op healers, on the council fight in EV. Like what attacks do you use on your council memeber? Best heals to use on yourself, while dpsing your mob down?

I just don't want to be "that guy" on the fight.
For a start don't worry about council.... i'll get to that later. Now depending on what your other healer is like this may be totally untrue. Your going to spend 90% of trash dpsing, and a good 20-30% of bosses dpsing.

Vital shots,back blast, fly-by,blaster whip and spam shot are your friends.Mix in blaster volley,thermal grenades aswell if you have the energy/UH to spare.

Boss 1. XRR-3. This is the most healing intensive boss and probably the worst for Op healers. Don't stand in bad, roll hots when you can, use your insta heal to prevent death. Key point is to not bother keeping everyone full during missle barage, Just stop them from dying.

Boss 2.Gharj. You will probably end up dpsing 90% of the fight, only worrying about healing if theres alot of melee and when jumping from platform to platform.

Boss 3. Pylons. Dispel the debuff from the acklay and you probably wont need more than to roll hots on your tank.

Boss 4.Council. Roll hots on your self, interupt the ravage (can't remember what its called) open with shoot first and fly-by,. Use defensives and refer to my earlier dps buttons to press.

Boss 5. SOA. Roll hots on your tank, heal the people getting hit with balls.DPS like mad. The only intensive healing you will be doing is during the platforms , once again dont worry about topping everyone up just make sure they can take the drop. The drop does about 15% damage on the short falls and about 50% on the long ones.

Sorry i couldnt translate the abilities into imperial for you but im sure you will manage. Best of luck.