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I also just recently returned after what summed up to be a 2 xpac layoff.

How do I gear now? Is it token/vendor based? I PvP 99% of my time on, and I would prefer that method but I have no idea how gearing works now. Any insight would be fantastic, thanks!
It's a mix of gear drops and token/vendor based. Basically, drops now attune to your current item rating. So, once you get to endgame level, your goal is to play content to get these drops, and slowly upgrade all of your armor to ilevel 306.

There are many ways to do this, and the most important thing is to replace your lowest pieces first. Some gear drops from PVP reward boxes, but not too much and not the highest level. You can get better gear from running veteran and master mode flashpoints. There is also a vendor at the fleet that sells this random gear to help you upgrade.

The best gear available contains many new set bonuses. This has a small chance to drop from reward boxes, master mode flashpoints and large group operations. You can also buy most sets directly at the fleet. To buy these items, you need a currency called tech fragments, which you get from running content, and also from breaking down unwanted gear. Once you have enough tech fragments, you will also need to spend 1 million credits per piece (yes, it's pricey).

This is why many people decide to run Master Mode hammer station over and over. They hope to get drops instead of buying gear with tech fragments and credits. The best thing you can honestly do is just play the things you like and work towards your favorite set bonus.

Welcome back! If you need help running stuff, and you're playing on Satele Shan, let me know.
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