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We've already seen story content in ops. I think it could be an interesting idea to make a solo story mode for operations with some NPCs helping (like the FP droid). The temple of sacrifice is a good example of a waste of content for story solo players. It could have been an extra motivation for them to subscribe, like "premium content", with the random tasks on Yavin as a F2P alternative. But Bioware won't listen to reason, they have their idea in mind of what should be an operation and won't change it.
If they can do it the same way they did for SoR and the Revan fight and provide a solo alternative to an operation, i'd not mind them making an operation version of that, but seriously locking that part behind group content only, i'd feel really insulted that something that is so important and so closely tied to my main character's story could not be done solo.
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