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Pretty sure Scourge is introduced to Satele and several other Jedi once you bring him to Tython after escaping the Emperor's fortress. Besides, 'an old ally' isn't necessarily his old ally. Could be an old ally of ours, the player character, in which case Marr and Satele, given KOTFE, both fit. Then if you take into consideration that the Jedi Knight's crew accompanied them through SoR, even if the game doesn't highlight it, it stands to reason Scourge does know Marr and Satele, again. Of course there is also the KOTFE chapter where Marr and Satele leave you because the Force has summoned them elsewhere which may just be to aid Kira and Scourge. So, I remain curious and wouldn't discount them in favor of the typical old cat in the bag that is Revan.
Good points and we also have to remember that Marr is a force ghost now, so who knows where he's been off to or up to. In a way, I hope it's not Revan, but only time will tell.