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01.17.2019 , 04:41 PM | #10
Among my 8 main characters, my JK and SW are humans.
SI is Pureblood
JC is "light" Zabrak
Trooper is Mirialan
IA is Chiss
Smuggler is Rattataki
BH is "dark" Zabrak, but i'm not that convinced (i'd like new skin colours, like yellow, and a real yellow, not orange, and some new tatoos, because the only one i like is the same as Akaavi, which is distracting)

I also have a second JC and a second smuggler who are Twi'leks.
And a second BH and a second SI who are Chiss

And i really don't like Miralukas

I had a Cathar trooper, but not that fan, i like the specy, but not as PC, they look too different compared to the NPCs, especially the eyes.
I have a JC who is a Togruta too, but it's not my favourite specy as PC, i'd love to be able to play a Nautolan though