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Definitely agree that AH is, contrary to devtalk about it being 'deathmatchy', the most ninja-sensitive WZ in Regs. Equally willing to believe, though, that an RWZ team makes it somewhat counterable with good communication and dedicated rapid-respondents. I still get the impression that portal allows for all kinds of neat tricks that make me horribly jealous.

Regarding Agents' Flashbang still being instant, the only difference with Sins that I can point to is that without a trick like Phasewalk*, the time it takes them to sap->run around turret in CW->cap is JUST long enough for me to wait out the sap, strafe and Saber Throw. If they recap, I can leap in, trinket the flashbang and proceed as normal on full resolve; if my team isn't swapping me out for someone with a fresh cc breaker by the time my resolve is back down, then my team screwed up. Phasewalk may be the single biggest culprit in all this: it gives the means of forcing out a cc break on the opener, which I don't think existed before. From there, it's game over for me if you have a second instant mez. Maybe that's the no-win situation Bioware wanted to remove from the game for JK/SW.

*I have yet to see a Scoundrel/Agent successfully sap->Exfiltrate+break LoS->cap in the requisite short time to make my eat mez->strafe->Saber Throw a losing strategy; I always have just enough margin to pull it off. I'm led to believe that the roll just isn't precise enough, or the right range, or fast enough to allow the class to force a cc break on the opener. That's not to say it's impossible, and I'm open to correction if some Scoundrels/Agents have been able to achieve this.
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