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The possebility of ninjacapping is neccesary for organized play. However, a jugg should NEVER be guarding anything.

Did think of using phase walk that way around though, thats good stuff.
For organized play you don't need to use an unnecessary amount of CC in order to ninja cap. The best way to ninja cap in organized play should be to simply 1v1 the defender and have your team at mid stall people from running to the defender's aid. It is not like the time to kill is high in this game and stealthers would still be the best defenders, due to the possibility of vanish-stalling.

As for unorganized play, i.e normal warzones... well. I can't honestly say that it is difficult to turn the game around as a stealther, due to the sheer amount of CC we have at our disposal. It is easy. Perhaps not as easy in rated warzones, but we still have a generous amount of tools for the job. Sap -> insta WW -> Sap. Of course, Operatives still have flashbang, which makes ninja caps an invalid argument for nerfing insta whirlwind. So, again, if that was the reason Bioware nerfed it, I would rather have seen them nerf sap across the board.