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Aside from assassins, operatives and snipers especially are fine in this regard. The only classes that wouldn't be are Mara's and Juggs, who shouldn't be defending anyway.
Given the sheer importance of doing node defence well, I'd be very wary of giving instant whirlwind back at this juncture. My view is perhaps slightly tainted by playing a Juggernaut as main, but I cringe at the idea that one class should get a -trivial- ninjacap against a Jugg defender. As it stands, if you had instawhirlwind as a Sin facing a jugg defender in CW:

1. Approach in stealth, plant phasewalk on turret, opposite side from defender (I'm assuming defender is staying at the right distance, on one of the corners).
2. Sap -> portal -> cap. This forces the cc break; I've faced this situation and the time it takes to strafe into LoS>Saber Throw is longer than the time it takes the Sin to portal->initiate cap.
3. Having forced my cc break and Saber Throw, just cap again. I now have to Force Leap or get in 10m to Choke; whatever it is, just insta-ww and cap away.

Call me nuts but I don't think mezzes should last the same duration as the cap timer, let alone be longer than caps (like in Ancient Hypergates). I might be less averse to the notion if my class had a viable tool for interrupting at range, perhaps - even if it was high up in only one of my trees, I'd accept that. But until then, objective-focus wins games, and insta-whirlwind would completely bar two ACs from taking on one of the most important roles in a CW or AH.
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