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Im seriously pissed we cannot move from PVP to PVE, seriously

I wanted to move my character that i have spend 6 months investing time in to play with a group of friends, now i cannot

Only option left to me is start again

Thanks Bioware
Ah hem .....

We understand that some of you may be looking to consolidate characters from a variety of origin servers onto one server, and others may be anxious to move to a specific server to be with friends. With the restrictions of this initial service, that may not be possible. We still believe that you will enjoy playing on a higher population server and hope you'll take advantage of the service, but you won't be forced to transfer. Future versions of the Character Transfer Service may allow more options in your choice of destination servers and may require a transfer fee. While we do not have a scheduled time frame for the launch of such a service, we are committed to making improvements to the Character Transfer Service over time to provide players with a great gameplay experience. Stay tuned to for more details!
You will be able to in the future. Just not in the initial wave.