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That's why I like Koth so much. He's more like the companions from their other titles. If you make too many bad choices, he refuses a romance and leaves. Like a normal person would. Makes me wish they had done more of that. Then, your choices would actually matter.
Same here! Koth having his own opinions and deeply held values that he was actually willing to act on was extremely refreshing to me. It's definitely something I love and wish there was more of in SWtOR "choices have consequences" is super important to me, "not punishing the player" for certain choices is not. If I'm a murdering psycho that kills civilians for fun, good and peaceful characters shouldn't follow me. If I'm a goody two shoes, completely merciful pushover, ruthless and violent DS characters shouldn't follow me. This is also one of the reasons I hate Lana. She hates everything I do and every choice I make, I'm a jerk to her and tell her I don't trust her, etc...and she still acts like a lovesick puppy. The other characters at least act more neutral towards you.

The kind of one-size-fits all narrative makes Theron's betrayal or fake betrayal (he still endangers your life, realistically non force users wouldn't survive jumping out of a speeding train onto jagged rocks) hurt all the more. My Sith Inquisitor (for example) who romanced Theron is 100% LS, offers mercy to every enemy, rejects power offered, helps every civilian he can, and even supported the Republic over the Empire on Iokath for Theron (and because of the Empire's slaving ways) and yet he gets the same treatment as a 100% DS character who murders everyone he can just for fun including his own allies and/or spouse (if married to Kaliyo or Jorgan), oppresses everyone, seizes all power and becomes a dictator, etc...Both get treated like the second person with only a throwaway line of dialogue about the Alliance outgrowing you if you're good.

My friend who I had finally gotten to play and who romanced Theron finally finished Umbara and she's utterly heartbroken and pissed. Also she ended up hating Lana even more than I do lol.