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[QUOTE=Asmodesu;9490476]I still have no clue why Theron fell for my Dark V SI slaughter and enslave everyone character.

This was one thing I never understood about this particular Bioware title. In all of their other games, you can drive some of your companions away through your actions. In this one, even in the vanilla game, all of them stuck it out, regardless of how they felt about you. Tano Vik, Skage, and Broonmark have no business being with a LS V character, but there they are. Nadia, Vette, and Blizz don't fit with a DS V character. And it doesn't matter what you do to them, either. It doesn't matter how you treat them, all of your LI companions stay. You can be a total jerk to both Lana and Theron during SoR, and start or rekindle a "romance" in Fallen Empire. Then, regardless of what you do to them or choices you make that they disapprove of, they stay with you. That's why I like Koth so much. He's more like the companions from their other titles. If you make too many bad choices, he refuses a romance and leaves. Like a normal person would. Makes me wish they had done more of that. Then, your choices would actually matter.
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