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12.06.2017 , 10:59 PM | #3114
I still have no clue why Theron fell for my Dark V SI slaughter and enslave everyone character.

I'm going through KotFE/KotET again to get exact dialogue lines rather then memory, but from memory: "I prefer to lead from the front" and afetr Aslylum "They need someone to rally behind" the Alliance only gets really going after you give Arcann and his fleet the middle finger on Asylum. Stood up to him, escaped yes but survived with a big combat ship to boot. This is why Figurehead was always the thing, the people of the Alliance jsut needed someone to rally behind, someone tough enough to give Arcann and his Empire the middle finger and survive to tell about it. The reason we do all the frontline stuff isn't jsut "player character" but "best the Alliance has" we don't do everything for the Alliance in the field, we do the stuff Theron and Lana think we're the best odds at succeeding - like the Star Fortresses etc. or when it's to recruit specific big names (so they can shoehorn in the class companions).
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